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Weight Loss Products That Actually Work

Are you looking for weight loss products that actually work? You’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of weight loss solutions on the market, including natural supplements, drugs, and pills. They’ll claim to help you lose weight with no effort, but the majority of the solutions will fall into one of the below categories:

  • Increase in fat burning, causing you to burn more calories.
  • A reduction in absorbing nutrients, such as fat, thus reducing your calorie intake.
  • Reducing your appetite, leaving you feeling fuller quicker, thus consuming less calories.

The following are effective in your bid to lose weight, provided you use them correctly.

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Caffeine For Weight Loss


The most common psychoactive substance on the planet is caffeine. It can be found naturally in dark chocolate, coffee, green tea, and a whole host of other processed beverages and foods. It’s known to boost the metabolism, which is why it is frequently added to commercial supplements designed for weight loss.

Short term studies show that consuming caffeine can boost fat burning by 29% and increase metabolism by 11%. It is thought that this effect is what leads to modest weight loss, as it makes your workouts far more effective.

Consuming high levels of caffeine may result in insomnia, anxiety, irritability, diarrhea, and nausea. You don’t need to take a supplement that contains caffeine, the best source is your daily coffee or green tea, which have a wealth of other health benefits. This by no means is an invitation to hit up your favorite chain coffee shop for 4 pumps of vanilla syrup in a latte. Enjoy a black coffee (if you don’t prefer it black, add skimmed milk and avoid sugar) half an hour before your workout to get the full effects.

Raspberry Ketones For Weight Loss


You may have noticed raspberries have a fairly distinct smell, that’s the ketone. You can find raspberry ketones in a synthetic version, on the shelves as a weight loss supplement.

It works by isolating fat cells and increasing the breakdown of fats. It increases levels of adiponectin, a hormone, which contributes to weight loss.

As far as side effects, the worst thing that’s going to happen is you’ll smell raspberries with every burp.

Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss


Before coffee beans go through the roasting process they are green. Green coffee beans contain 2 substances which promote weight loss, chlorogenic acid and caffeine.

As we know from above, caffeine boosts fat burning, while chlorogenic acid slows the carb breakdown.

Studies have shown that the extract of green coffee beans can be effective in assisting people meet their weight loss goals. Additional benefits include a decrease in blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and pack an antioxidant punch.

The side effects are just as they are with caffeine, though some people may have an allergy to green coffee beans.

Green Tea Extract For Weight Loss

green_tea_extract  This is an incredibly popular ingredient that is found in a lot of major weight loss supplements. Studies have found that its main antioxidant, EGCG, aids with burning fat.

How does it work? It’s believed that it increases norepinephrine levels, and it is this hormone which assists in burning fat. Studies have shown that it is effective in burning fat, improving weight loss, specifically around the belly area.

There aren’t many side effects of green tea extract, though it does have caffeine in it, so if you are sensitive to caffeine you may have issues. It also offers the same benefits that drinking green tea does.

Prescription Medications For Weight Loss


If you have tried all of the natural supplements, there are also a variety of prescription medications available for weight loss. The common weight loss prescriptions include Phentermine, Qsymia, Belvig, and Contrave. Having said that, many of the natural supplements are just as effective as the prescription medications available today. Prescriptions generally assist with losing between 3 and 9 percent body weight.

Glucomannan For Weight Loss


This is a fiber from the roots of konjac, or elephant yam. It absorbs water, takes on gel form and sticks in your gut to make you feel fuller. The end goal is that you will consume fewer calories. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, studies found participants losing around 10 pounds within 5 weeks. This is a healthy level of weight loss. It also prevents constipation, lowers cholesterol levels, and blood sugar.

It may cause flatulence, soft stool, and bloating. It should be taken with water 30 minutes before eating.

It’s important to remember that no weight loss supplement will be truly effective unless it is combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Weight loss pills are not a solution to obesity, and they’re fairly ineffective when taken on their own. Additionally, they are not meant for long term use, and many do come with side effects. However, as you can see from the products that we listed above- there are weight loss products that actually work when used properly and in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet.

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